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We offer delivery of the following to Chieveley and the surrounding areas: 

Heating Oil, Red Diesel, Gas Bottle & Coal Delivery in Chieveley. Contact Pinnock Brothers Today!

Home Heating Oil Delivery in Chieveley:

If you live in Chieveley and your house runs off heating oil, then contact Pinnock Brothers. Our local reputation is everything. We are known for dependable heating oil services marked by punctual deliveries and competitive pricing. Quality customer service, where you speak to a real person. Our drivers know the Chieveley area well, ensuring hassle-free deliveries. When you choose Pinnock Brothers for your heating oil needs, you can count on us to prioritize your convenience, keeping you warm this winter. 

Red Diesel Delivery in Chieveley:

At Pinnock Brothers, we believe that choosing us for your Red Diesel Delivery needs is the right choice. With over 140 years of experience in the fuel delivery service, our small family business has been passed down through generations, allowing us to provide a personal touch that larger companies simply can't match.


When you call us, you can speak to a real person who understands your unique needs and preferences. That's why we are proud to offer our reliable and hassle-free red diesel delivery service in Chieveley, Berkshire. With our team of experienced professionals and commitment to customer satisfaction, we strive to make your fuel delivery experience as convenient as possible.


Our intimate knowledge of the community enables us to serve our customers with convenience, reliability, and efficiency. Being an independent supplier also means that we offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. And when it comes to fast delivery, you can count on us - our normal turnaround time is within 4-5 working days. So why settle for anything less? Choose Pinnock Brothers for your Red Diesel Delivery in Chieveley and experience the difference first-hand.

****All customers ordering Red Diesel must fill out a government compliance form prior to their first order***

Calor Gas Bottle Delivery in Chieveley:

If you are based in Chieveley and wanting a Calor gas bottle. Order now from Pinnock Brothers. With our local presence and esteemed reputation, we provide a reliable and convenient source of gas for various household needs. Our prompt delivery service ensures that you have a steady supply, guaranteeing uninterrupted access to clean and efficient energy for cooking, heating, and any other applications. With a commitment to excellent customer service and competitive pricing, Pinnock Brothers stand out as a preferred choice for those in Chieveley seeking a dependable and cost-effective solution. 

Coal Delivery in Chieveley:

Opting for Pinnock Brothers as your coal supplier in Chieveley ensures a dependable and consistent supply of coal. We offer a diverse selection of coal varieties and sizes, enabling customers to choose the precise type that best suits their heating or fuel requirements, whether it's for open fires, stoves, or other applications. Selecting a local supplier like Pinnock Brothers guarantees swift and convenient coal deliveries, eliminating the inconvenience of procuring coal from distant or less reliable sources. If you live in Chieveley contact us today for all your coal.  

TO PLACE AN ORDER CALL 01635 864123 

About Chieveley:

Chieveley is a village and civil parish with a rich history dating back centuries. Its rolling chalk hills provide a scenic backdrop for the predominantly arable landscape, where farming traditions endure alongside flourishing woodlands and diverse wildlife. Chieveley is well-connected, thanks to its proximity to the M4 motorway and A34 road, making it a vital hub in the region. This village also boasts the historic St. Mary's Church, with parts dating back to the 13th century, serving as a testament to its enduring heritage. Chieveley's peaceful and idyllic setting, combined with its accessibility, makes it a place that seamlessly blends the old and the new, attracting visitors and residents alike to its picturesque countryside and rich cultural history.

St Marys Church in Chieveley

St Mary's Church Chieveley - Pam Brophy

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