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Heating Oil Usage Calculator: Unveiling the Science Behind Your Home's Warmth

Ever wondered about the mysteries of your heating oil consumption? Whether it's a warm evening at home or adapting to changes in your daily routine, understanding your heating oil usage is crucial. Work out an approximation of your Heating Oil consumption with our comprehensive Heating Oil Usage Calculator.

Average Heating Oil Usage When The Heating Is On?

Use the below calculator to work out your average heating oil usage per hour. Please be aware this is an approximation and actual usage will vary by property size, levels of insulation etc.

How Much Heating Oil Does The Average UK House Use?

Understanding Energy Basics

Energy is measured in Watts, with the standard unit being kilowatts (kW), equivalent to 1000 Watts. Efficiently heating a home requires a substantial amount of Watts.

To analyze energy usage, it's essential to determine the duration the heating system operates in hours. Consequently, total energy consumption is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh).

For 3-bed homes relying on heating oil, the average annual consumption hovers around 27,000 kWh. Our calculator breaks down energy usage, allowing you to gauge the efficiency of your heating system.

Step 1: Total Usage for the Year

In order to work out how much heating oil the average home uses, we need to divide the average annual consumption by the average litre of kerosene.

Average Annual Consumption is Circa 27,000 kWh


Kerosene Per Litre Contains Circa 10.35 kWh

This equals:

2,609 Litres of Heating Oil

This equates to roughly 2-3 tanks a year, which is what we would expect to deliver to an average-sized property in a year. If you have a larger property or you like to have your heating on higher then this number will vary.

Step 2: Average KWH Consumption Per Day

Working on the assumption that the average UK household uses heating for approximately six months of the year. Six months is roughly the equivalent of 180 days:

Annual Consumption 27,000 kWh


180 days

This equals:

150 kWh Each Day

STEP 3: Average Heating Oil Usage Per Day

To work out the amount of heating oil the average UK household uses per day, we need to divide the average kWh usage per day by the kWh usage per litre of heating oil.

150 kWh


10.35 kWh

This equals:

14.50 Litres Per Day

STEP 4: Average Heating Oil Usage Per Hour

In order to work out how much oil is used per hour, we divide the average heating oil usage per day, by the average time people have the heating on, which is approximately 6 hours per day.

14.50 Litres


6 Hours

This equals:

2.42 Litres Per Hour


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