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We offer delivery of the following to Wokingham and the surrounding areas: 

Heating Oil & Red Diesel Delivery in Wokingham. Contact Pinnock Brothers Today!

Home Heating Oil Delivery in Wokingham:

Wokingham residents, when it comes to your heating oil needs, Pinnock Brothers is your trusted partner. With a heritage of over 150 years in the fuel industry, we understand the unique demands of our local customers. Our commitment to compliance ensures that you receive heating oil that meets all the latest standards and regulations, providing you with peace of mind. When you choose Pinnock Brothers, you're not just a number; you're part of our extended family. Our dedicated customer support team is always just a call away, ready to address your questions and concerns with efficiency and care. Timely deliveries are at the core of our service, guaranteeing that your heating oil arrives on schedule, even during the coldest months, so you can enjoy warmth and comfort in your Wokingham home. Plus, we offer a transparent billing system with competitive prices, ensuring that you're paying for quality without any hidden surprises. When it's time for your next heating oil order, choose Pinnock Brothers, your dependable and community-focused fuel supplier.

Red Diesel Delivery in Wokingham:

Wokingham residents, if you're in need of red diesel for your business or agricultural operations, Pinnock Brothers is the ideal choice. We're committed to serving our local community with reliable and efficient red diesel delivery. We understand the critical role that red diesel plays in various industries, and our dedication to compliance ensures that you receive fuel that aligns with the latest regulations. At Pinnock Brothers, we value the personal touch, providing you with a customer experience that goes beyond the ordinary. When you partner with us, you can count on speaking to a real person who comprehends your unique needs and can assist you promptly. Choose Pinnock Brothers for your red diesel requirements and experience the difference of a reliable and community-focused fuel provider.

****All customers ordering Red Diesel must fill out a government compliance form prior to their first order***

TO PLACE AN ORDER CALL 01635 864123 

About Wokingham:

Wokingham, a market town at the heart of Berkshire, England, carries a rich historical legacy tracing back to medieval times. It lies amid the tranquil Loddon Valley, only 37 miles west of bustling London. Its name, believed to have evolved from 'Wocca's people's home,' reflects ancient Saxon origins. The town's heritage includes a prominent bell foundry, silk production, and even bull-baiting traditions. Over time, it has evolved into a thriving community known for its excellent schools, vibrant local culture, and a well-connected transportation network with the Wokingham railway station as its focal point. Wokingham's historic significance, combined with modern amenities and a strong sense of community, makes it an appealing place for both residents and visitors alike.

Wokingham town hall

Wokingham Town Hall

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